I was using Windows 7 and accessing my work desktop and files through
Remote Desktop. I have no idea if one of those caused Frame 9 to freak
out, but I've never seen this kind of file corruption before and it
borders on the bizarre.

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I'm not going to absolve FM9 here, but when those kind of weird things 
happen, it's also worth looking at glitches in the OS.

FM (like most apps) will rely on file services from the OS for reading 
and writing data. It's possible that in a moment of OS insanity (and 
such moments, while rare, do indeed happen), the r/w parameters 
intended for one file also got used for the second file.

Sorry if I missed it, but which OS were you using? Were you going 
across a network? Has this system seemed fairly stable historically, 
or has it shown other quirks from time to time? Any of your disk 
volumes nearly full?

None of this is terribly confidence inspiring; best we can do is save 
often; backup often.

Hopefully you can recover the lost work without too much grief.

Best of luck with it,

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