Excuse my not very helpful answer, but if something goes wrong it is not 
necessarily the fault of the front-most application. Todays operating systems 
and software are very complex and Windows 7 has not yet seen a Service Pack. 
Like Frank said.

Having said that, before shouting ?Major Bug? please take a second to verify 
your observations. If something goes (horribly or not) wrong, it is only an 
application?s bug if it can be reproduced and the reporter has at least tried 
to exclude as many other influences as possible. 

And if it is reproducible on one machine, but network access or file system or 
fonts or printing are involved, I urge users to try it on another machine to 
exclude local configuration problems.

Why all those efforts? Without a reproducible case you won?t find a person or 
company to investigate the problem unless you are a $$$$$ customer.

You seem to have a good record of what exactly you did. Can you reproduce what 
you have seen?

- Michael

Am 29.12.2009 um 21:24 schrieb Galanter, Lea:

> I'm not sure how to report this, but Frame 9 just crashed on me when I
> had two files open (named About Blah and Configuring Blah), and when I
> re-opened both files, they were exactly the same. That means, I totally
> lost all the text in one of the files. I'm using Frame 9 on Windows 7
> and I was working in the Configuring Blah file and selected Conditional
> Text to apply a condition to some text. Frame crashed and then re-opened
> itself. When Frame opened the Configuring Blah chapter.recover file, all
> my original text was gone and replaced with the text from the About Blah
> chapter! Even the Configuring Blah.backup file had been converted to the
> text from the About Blah.backup file.
> I don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this problem, but this
> is major. Assuming I can even get the previous version from my company's
> source control, this is still hours and hours of work to re-create. This
> is a major bug in Frame. How do I report it?
> Lea Galanter

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