G'day all,
earlier I had posted a query re. the improved CMYK support for colour
definitions ('views') in Frame 9. Save as Pdf will indeed maintain the
CMYK numbers without giving the colour view the RBG make-over
inflicted by earlier versions; so will printing to file + distilling.
Printing directly to pdf will RGBify the colour view. Of course, we've
all been told to keep our distance from save as pdf, but those pdfs
now seem to be safe.Here's Dov Isaac's note to one of the user fora
last week. Since it is probably of interest to quite a few of us here,
I take the liberty of quoting it verbatim below.


(1) Beginning with FrameMaker 7.0, the "save as PDF" feature in
FrameMaker was at least viable compared to failed efforts prior to

(2) To be very clear, what the "save as PDF" feature does is to
internally create PostScript via the AdobePDF PostScript PostScript
printer driver instance, funnels same to the Distiller with the
user-specified job options, deletes the PostScript file, and then
optionally calls Acrobat or Reader to display the resultant PDF.
FrameMaker does NOT natively generate PDF (unlike InDesign,
Illustrator, and Photoshop).

(3) The "save as PDF" feature in recent versions of FrameMaker is much
more stable than in 7.0. Added stability is provided for "save as PDF"
by applying the Microsoft Windows OS fix that resolves the problem of
"missing text."

(4) There is no logical difference between printing to the AdobePDF
PostScript printer driver instance and manually creating PostScript
and saving to FILE: and then distilling same. The results and
stability are the same. As such, advice to manually create PostScript
and distill as oppose to printing directly to the AdobePDF PostScript
printer driver instance is pure poppycock / bubbameiser / urban

Michael Heine
London, ON

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