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>> I have a series of footnotes associated with tables on the same page.
>> The first and second are normal. The third references the same footnote
>> as the second. Because the precedent is not to add an identical footnote
>> and call it 3, this is accomplished by a cross-reference to the third
>> footnote. However, the next footnote should be footnote 3, and the
>> numbering instead reverts to 1. My fiddling with Format - Document -
>> Numbering and the footnote tab is, thus far, to no avail.
>> Here's what my section of this page looks like:
>> http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=484457. (Beware the big download
>> button and look instead for the small "Proceed to file download page"
>> just above it.)
>> What to do?
>> Jim
>> BTW, I'm also open to suggestions for a better way to share a file but
>> not attach it.
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Hi, Jim:

If I understand your situation correctly, I believe multiple
references to the same footnote should use the same reference number
in the main text or table cell text.

Using this model, your second reference to footnote 2 should also
display 2, so you may want to change your approach and use the
cross-reference technique to capture the number 2 from the second
footnote, rather than faking an increment to 3.

If a new footnote reference is inserted before footnote 1 or 2,
they'll increment correctly; the cross-reference to multiple instances
of 2 may require a cross-reference update action, but otherwise, as
any cross-reference, these are self-maintaining.



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