As always, SaveAs is problematic.... as it has been for years. It's
not now and has never been a recommended solution and uses a different
work flow so ... from your experience, it sounds as if it has a
_really_ different work flow or the results would be the same.

What did Adobe say when you opened a bug on it?


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On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 1:31 AM,  <orandeep at> wrote:
> I just loaded Tech Comm Suite 2 onto a brand new Dell Precision M6300.
> I was using Frame 8 & Acrobat 8 on a Dell Latitude until this week.
> I have always used the Save As PDF, both for Web versions of small size and 
> print versions of high quality with excellent results on the Latitude. This 
> has always been seamless and wonderful.
> When I opened the Frame file in Version 9 and did a Save As to Acrobat 
> Version 9, using exactly the same settings, the PDF file became unusable 
> garbage on several fronts:
> Fonts were not mapped correctly. (They were a disaster)
> Simple raster images became heavily pixelated and garbage (worse than the 
> image in Frame)
> Problems included, but were not limited to:
> *Impact font did not map at all, became boxes.
> *Arial Black was mapped to Times.
> *Random areas had strings of characters mapped to different characters, 
> whereas other characters using the exact same font and settings mapped OK.
> *The file included (Import by reference) PDFs created from Word that have 
> several different fonts. These fonts were rasterized garbage, whereas in 
> Version 8 they were pass-through fonts that were great at any zoom setting.
> *I have Adobe PDF set as the default printer.
> I tried different job options and font embedding settings with absolutely no 
> difference in the output results. It was like most settings were being 
> ignored and was like it was trying to use a non-postscript printer (not Adobe 
> PDF) to create the PDF. Postscript functions were not working, that is for 
> sure.
> I finally did a print to PDF (which is much less convenient and more 
> troublesome), changing nothing but the method of creating the PDF (Save As 
> vs. Print). (all settings the same). It came out perfect, with all fonts and 
> raster images of the expected quality, basically equal to the Frame 8 Acrobat 
> 8 version.
> So do I have a setting wrong, or do we have a major bug here? I really need 
> the Save As to work. I never had issues like these with earlier versions.
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