> Simple raster images became heavily pixelated and garbage (worse than the
> image in Frame)...
> *The file included (Import by reference) PDFs created from Word that have
> several different fonts. These fonts were rasterized garbage, whereas in
> Version 8 they were pass-through fonts that were great at any zoom 
> setting.

Save as PDF was changed in FM9 to allow pass through of CMYK data in 
Windows. But a bug was reported, last week, that it is badly broken. 
Imported PDFs become low-res, pixelated images. It sounds like this is what 
you are seeing. Print to AdobePDF instead or change the referenced PDF 
graphics to EPS.

> Fonts were not mapped correctly. (They were a disaster)
> *Impact font did not map at all, became boxes.
> *Arial Black was mapped to Times.
> *Random areas had strings of characters mapped to different characters, 
> whereas other characters using the exact same font and settings mapped OK.

Is it possible that you forgot to transfer over custom font-mappings from 
your old maker.ini file? Also, you can tell Distiller where to look for 
fonts (Settings> Font Locations). Perhaps you don't have Distiller 9 set to 
look in the same places that were set for Distiller 8, so it is not finding 
the same fonts.

Also, Adobe has warned against installing more than one version, and against 
installing combos, of Acrobat, Adobe Reader, or the PDF add-on that comes 
with FrameMaker. Installations/uninstallations of each may blow out parts of 
the other. If you did not uninstall Acrobat 8 before installing Acrobat 9, 
or you installed the PDF add-on that came with FM on top of an existing 
Acrobat installation, you may have messed up your ability to create proper 

Mike Wickham

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