The Track Changes feature uses, I assume, 
conditional formats to color text and manage changes (refuse, accept).

Problem: This feature seems to result in an 
unknown (un-named) conditional format affecting 
neighboring anchor symbols. So when I specify 
that only conditional format CF1 be shown, the 
polluted anchored frames that are supposed to 
have NO conditional format do not show, giving 
unresolved x-refs (see Fig. 3.1 but no anchored frame!!).

I have found such situations in my current 
documents. Now if I try and use the normal dialog 
box to unconditionalize a selection of text 
containing the anchored frame symbol...nothing happens.

Solution: I have to (1) move the anchored frame 
symbol elsewhere to a paragraph without any track 
changes, and (2) delete the still conditionalized 
text manually and re-enter that text and recreate any affected x-refs.

Took time to find/understand (?)/solve! And I 
don't have all that much hair left (will soon move to fingernails)!!

Any one else have this problem? Any better solutions or tips?


P.S. I have the latest FM patch. XP with latest patch.

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