Joe wrote:

> I wanted to clarify one aspect of this discussion. 
> Is the Open All Files in Book command causing FrameMaker 
> to freeze and crash an unrelated issue with the LAN and 
> indicative of some other problem (e.g. file corruption), or 
> are you saying that because the LAN is causing Frame to 
> crash when I use the Open All Files command, I should 
> open each file manually?

All I was saying is that if you can't get Open All files to work
in your particular environment, it is still worth the effort to
manually (or via a script) open all the files in your book before
doing a book update operation. I was merely addressing your 
original complaint of exceedingly slow book updates.

I have no intention of trying to diagnose or troubleshoot at 
long distance whatever issues are preventing you from 
successfully using Open All Files in Book with book files on 
your network. All I'll say is that if you are able to manually 
open each component with no warning messages (e.g. missing
fonts or unresolved cross-references), it does suggest that
the issue is with your network or your interface to that network.
-Fred Ridder

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