Samantha Ascheri wrote:

> I am using FM 8. I have several small (topic) files that I am
importing by
> reference into a larger (chapter) file.
> Some of these files contain cross-references that function as expected
> the source file, but not in the file into which they are imported. The
> cross-reference links are not broken (they do not show up on a broken
> search). The text appears, but the linking functionality is gone.
Since I
> have the text set up to appear as links, this is an issue.
> Am I missing something, or does FM simply not support inter-file
> reference linking? If not, can anyone suggest a workaround?

Is your problem that they don't work in the PDF you create? That's a
known limitation -- x-refs within text insets don't become hyperlinks in
PDF. The workaround is this: (1) Open and save all the files in the
book. (2) Convert all the text insets to text. (3) Create the PDF. (4)
Close all the files *without saving*. Step 4 is extremely important.
Make sure you have current backups in case you forget step 4. :-)


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