> I am fairly new to Frame. I'm looking for a good book that will help
me sharpen my Frame skills and also be a good reference guide. I have
Frame 7.1. Any suggestions?

I recommend "Publishing Fundamentals: Unstructured FrameMaker 8", by
Sarah S. O'Keefe and Sheila A. Loring.

You can get the printed book and the PDF, from www.scriptorium.com. This
is an excellent book, even if you are using FrameMaker 7 and not version
8. Their previous book on 7 called "Publishing Fundamentals: FrameMaker
7" is available too, but might as well get this new one instead, IMHO.

My only strong disappoint is that they decided not to publish the
planned (and announced) companion book on Structured FrameMaker! I hope
this decision gets reversed in the future.


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