Art Campbell wrote:
> Although you didn't ask, I'd highly recommend the Microsoft Natural
> Keyboard and a Logitech trackball as alternative controllers. I've
> used both for a long time and love 'em both, but you do need to adjust
> to them.

I know many people prefer a trackball to a mouse.  I haven't used a 
trackball myself, but I did change from mouse to a Wacom Intuos 3 
graphics tablet a couple of years ago, and can't praise it highly 
enough.  I was finding that only a few minutes of mousing would cause 
pain in my lower arm, and I also found a mouse to be an incredibly 
clumsy tool for illustration software.  The graphics tablet allows me to 
use a stylus that fits very comfortably in the hand, as relaxed as 
holding a pencil, and the degree of control is exceptional.  If you're 
looking into alternative pointing devices, I'd recommend checking out a 
graphics tablet.


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