> Although you didn't ask, I'd highly recommend the Microsoft Natural
> Keyboard and a Logitech trackball as alternative controllers. I've
> used both for a long time and love 'em both, but you do need to adjust
> to them.

I'll add my vote for the Logitech trackball. I'll never go back to a 
traditional mouse. I never have the problem of reaching the end of the mouse 
pad before I'm done scrolling. There's no need to lift the mouse and 
reposition it to scroll the rest of the way!

I haven't used the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, but I'll put my vote in for 
the Unicomp Customizer 104-105. It's the original IBM keyboard with a good 
tactile click. And the keycaps are double-injected, so the letters won't 
wear off unless you wear through the whole key! I love it. Mine is several 
years old now and not a sign of wear. Find it here: 
http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/customizer.html, or a model with the 
same size keys, but smaller footprint, here: 

Mike Wickham

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