Why does he want it in Word? Rather than converting to Word, which will
be time-consuming and result in a document that has problems, find out
what his goal is. For example, an Engineer recently said that he wanted
a document in Word. When I asked him why, he said it was because he
wanted to edit it. He didn't know that one can make PDFs editable. Once
I explained that to him and showed him how to add edits to the PDF, he
was happy. So find out what his reasons are and you may be able to
address them with Frame and PDF.


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Good morning, 
         I have been working on a manual for a while now, the manual is
projected to be over 2000 pages to include, photographs, autocad
drawings and diagrams. My client decided Friday that he now wants the
entire document in word. Is there anyway I could convert it to word,
that will not be time consuming, or does anyone know any software that
will convert a pdf to word and retain all formatting, graphics, etc. I
tried saving the pdf as a word document, but a lot of the formatting was
off. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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