Mike Wickham wrote:
>> How much RAM are you running? And any other memory-hungry aps open at
>> the same time?
> I've got 4 GB of RAM (though XP reports on 3.25). Frame is the only program 
> open. I've since done some experimenting with my template. Cursor speed was 
> fine with this template when it was in FM6 and FM7.1. In FM8, cursor speed 
> slowed if the Paragraph Designer, Character Designer, or Table Designer 
> windows were open. In FM9, cursor speed is always very slow-- even with all 
> windows, pods, and toolbars closed-- EXCEPT when using the Manage Graphics 
> workspace. A line that takes 4 seconds to scroll across (using arrow keys) 
> in Notepad or Word, takes 19 seconds in FM9 when using any other workspace.

I am trying out FM 9, and also find the cursor is extremely slow to 
respond to the arrow keys.  (XP on a 3GHz CPU, 1.5GB RAM, and no such 
problem in any other app. including FM 7.0, with any number of other 
apps running.)

And I can't BELIEVE they STILL haven't fixed the screen refresh bug!!!! 
  Keep your Ctrl + L shortcut handy, folks.

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