> I am trying out FM 9, and also find the cursor is extremely slow to 
> respond to the arrow keys.  (XP on a 3GHz CPU, 1.5GB RAM, and no such 
> problem in any other app. including FM 7.0, with any number of other apps 
> running.)


I filed a bug report on the slow arrow keys problem and received a response 
from Adobe to try the following instructions:

> 1.       File -> Preferences -> Interface

> 2.       Uncheck "Hide panels on Close" (This option kills a panel on 
> close, else a panel would stay open in the background)

> 3.       Close Para Designer

The above instructions worked for me to restore normal cursor speed in the 
Authoring, Manage Content, and Review workspaces. The Manage Graphics 
workspace, which previously was the only one with normal cursor speed, 
actually slowed by a second from 4 to 5 seconds to scroll across a line, but 
I can live with that. I don't like having the Paragraph Designer closed, but 
it's a temporary fix until Adobe squashes this bug. It's good to see that 
they have it in their sights.

Mike Wickham

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