Hi, Sue.

My FrameMaker training included Adobe's Classroom in a Book ( 
http://tinyurl.com/b3moea ), and FrameMaker's Help system. The Classroom in a 
Book series is excellent because it's a tutorial that forces you to bump into 
functionality that you might not otherwise be aware of. It comes with files on 
which to perform the tasks. If you sit down and do all the exercises in the 
book in one day, you will become an intermediate FrameMaker user overnight.

Over the years, a lot of coworkers have praised FrameMaker: The Complete 
Reference ( http://tinyurl.com/b3xd7z ) for solving various issues, but not as 
initial training. 

Adobe has some decent training resources on their website too, such as this 
video: https://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/_a295153/p29205929/

As to converting Word documents to FrameMaker, it's generally a painful process 
because most Word documents are not carefully structured using paragraph and 
character styles. 

Word 2007 and FrameMaker 7 (and later versions) have good structured authoring 
features, so it's possible to use XML DTDs to bring structured Word content 
into FrameMaker. A Word --> RTF or PDF --> FrameMaker path may help bring in 
formatted content.

If your Word content is not structured, you're probably better off just 
converting them to plain text, pasting it into your FrameMaker template as Body 
text, and then reapplying the appropriate paragraph and character styles.



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I will be watching for replies to this request. I am also rebuilding my 
knowledge with Frame. I could share this with my coworker, we both have been 
using Word for too long and now converting our files to Frame. 
Any easy reference books about Frame would be helpful. 
Thank You. 


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