Hi All 
  A couple of weeks ago, I successfully used "Import by copy into document"  
from Word 2007 to FMKR 7.
  Today, all I get in the conversion box is a list of files to choose and it 
does not include Word 2007 as a lone option, only Word for Windows 6.0/7.0.
 Then, I get an error message:  The filter encountered an error and could not 
complete the translation. I tried to use three different Word docs. 

My coworker and I are using only Word 2007 -- so I can't figure out why this 
issue is giving us trouble. 

My coworker said he can use copy/paste special just fine.   I'm sure it works, 
but seems like a work-around that we should not have to use.  I thought Frame 
was to use these import features to help us. 

Is there any problem to use paste/special ?  We are converting a 300+ Word doc 
to Frame.  

Just with the trial samples we have shown  - management is very pleased !!!  

Sue Curtzwiler

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