We have a number of new dates added to our course calendar for February and
March 2009.

There is still space to attend...

DITA: Publishing with FrameMaker
In Class at Front Runner, Toronto
February 23-25, 2009
$1,290.00 CDN per person plus GST

This course teaches participants the skills necessary to author and publish
DITA-compliant documents with Adobe FrameMaker. Students will learn the
concepts behind DITA, such as information typing and topic-based authoring.


FrameMaker Template Design
In class at Front Runner
February 23, 24, 25, 2009
$1,290.00 CDN per person plus GST

This three day FrameMaker Template Design course emphasizes the development
of FrameMaker templates incorporating the principles of good document design
and best practices. 


New Online Course
Adobe FrameMaker?: Converting Unstructured to Structured Documents March 4 
9 a.m. until 4 p.m. (EST) $390.00 CDN per person plus GST

This one-day course is developed for people who need to work with FrameMaker
- using the Structured Interface - to migrate content from unstructured
FrameMaker to structured templates. Learn about the relationship between the
structured template, the EDD and the conversion table source document.
Acquire hands-on experience with document conversion including the use of
structured templates and the creation and management of conversion tables.


See www.front-runner.com for other course offerings.

** For our American friends please note that the above prices are in
Canadian dollars therefore you will enjoy an additional cost savings of up
to %25 (Estimated cost after conversion of $USD @1.25 $CDN. Actual $USD
price will be determined at time of invoice.)

We look forward to helping with your training needs.



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