Shlomo Perets wrote: 

> If there is no character formatting present in the index,
> the page number from the index term, the hypertext marker present in
> of the first page number extends its active area on both sides of the
> marker: to the beginning of the paragraph (including the index term),
> to the end of the paragraph or the beginning of the next hypertext
> (when there are two entries). The link defined for the index term is
> same as the first entry.

Well, I'm reluctant to contradict someone of Shlomo's stature, but index
entries don't follow the standard hypertext behavior as he described it.
The index term is never part of the active area. 

I can't fully explain this, but I'm sure the behavior is deliberate. I
suspect it derives from this fact: In your index doc, each index entry
is a single pgf (e.g., Level1IX), but in the reference page spec, the
page number portion is defined as a separate pgf, IndexIX. 

Behind the curtain, I suspect the active area is initially limited to
the IndexIX pgf boundaries, and it retains that limit when IndexIX is
merged into the LevelxIX pgf containing the index term. 


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