Shlomo Perets wrote:

> If you examine the index in the sample Ecology book (included in the
> samples/overview/book folder under the FrameMaker installation
folder), and
> inspect the hypertext markers and their active area, you will see that
> index terms are active together with the first hypertext markers, as
> links. However, if the definitions had been such that the page numbers
> a different character format, this would have interfered with the link
> extending to include the term.

I should have known Shlomo was correct, and I apologize for doubting
him. It took me a while to figure out why my experience was different. 

I knew there was no char format applied anywhere in my index entries or
in the ref page index spec. And before posting, I confirmed that my
Level1IX and IndexIX pgf formats had the same Default Font settings. 

So why does the active area in my indexes not extend to the left of the
page number? 

Um, well ... because the SeparatorsIX pgf has different Default Font
settings. And as a consequence, the space before the page number has a
different font, terminating the active area. 

The origin of this SeparatorsIX pgf format are lost in the mists of
time. This is the behavior I've seen for as long as I can remember, and
I assumed it was just The Way Things Worked. 

In the immortal words of Emily Littela, "Oh. That's different. Never

(Sorry, Shlomo!)


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