Lester Smalley wrote (in part):

> You can use more than just letters as the numbering series identifiers; 
> digits and punctuation symbols work also, although can become extremely 
> confusing.  
> I have not tested it thoroughly, but I believe that any single character may 
> be used as an identifier preceding the colon, so you can have the very 
> cryptic number series <:<n+>

I did do some testing on this a few years back (on FM6), and found that there 
are, in fact, a few reserved characters that you *cannot* use. As I recall, the 
left angle bracket, the equals sign, the plus sign, and the colon were among 
the reserved characters that cannot be used for series labels. But even if you 
avoid most of the strange or confusing punctuation marks and any character 
pairs that are easily mistaken (e.g., l and 1, O and 0), you still can define 
more than 60 independent numbering series, which should be enough for most uses.

-Fred Ridder

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