Hi all:

Any aeronautics people on this list?  If yes, (or even if no, feel
free to weigh in) in text, when referring to another part of the text,
what is the preferred way to note that reference?

I have two documents -- one refers to "paragraph 5.1" and the other
refers to [section symbol] 5.1.

Do you all refer to "paragraph," use the section symbol, or use something else?

I would prefer to use the the section symbol, but one of my coworkers
says that someone would see that symbol and automatically think
[section symbol] 5.1 refers to an FAA regulation so we should use

I think the word "paragraph" is kind of strange and it always makes me
look twice ("Refer to paragraph 5.1, "Monitoring the Electrical
System," for more details . . ") -- at the very least, I'd use
Paragraph 5.1. or Para 5.1.

A quick perusal of the USGPO Style Guide didn't turn anything up, so I
thought I'd turn to you guys.

Any thoughts?



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