I am required to submit a change report with my manual as well. 

Here's what I do:

1. I make the current manual into a PDF.
2. Open the current PDF manual in Acrobat Professional.
3. Open the previous PDF manual in Acrobat Professional.
4. Click Advanced > Compare Documents.
5. Make appropriate selections in the Compare Documents dialog.
6. Click OK on the dialog. Acrobat compares the docs.
7. Go through the PDF, look for all pages that have changes on them
(undelined in color by Acrobat).
8. Print those pages.
9. Submit those pages.

Note that Acrobat is a little anal. It underlines stuff like page change
numbers. I ignore that stuff and only print the pages with real content
change on them.

Note 2, make sure that when you print, the printing properties is set to
print Document and Markups, not just document. Otherwise, it won't print
the lines.

Acrobat Standard may also be able to compare docs. I don't have that
software so I am not positive.


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I work for a US company that was recently acquired by a Japanese
The Japanese headquarters wants a detailed record of all changes that
occurred between different versions of the documentation. For example,
v.6 of software X is being released, they would want to know all the
made to the documentation between v.5 and v.6. I know that Frame has
bars and track text edits but I was wondering if there any third-party
software or Frame plugins that anyone would recommend for this.


Joseph Lorenzini

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