Thanks, all you guys, for all the help you gave me last week.

The story was that I was recommended by a friend for a job using FrameMaker.
I pointed out that although the content is my niche (APIs), I have never
professionally used FrameMaker (apart from a couple of home courses I did a
while back). My friend said not to worry since the books are all already set
up, I only need to update some things, and the client does not do any fancy

Well ... when I got there, I found a completely different story: not one of
the five or so FrameMaker books I had to update actually "compiled"
properly. Every one had one or more critical PDF generation errors, that I
hadn't the fogginess how to solve.

Anyway, I worked hard, slept on the floor, and -- most importantly -- you
guys helped me out on the basic stuff. The client was delighted with the
result, and assumes that I am an FM expert.

Great thanks to you all!

 - avi

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