On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, Nancy Allison wrote:

> It galls me to admit this, but I really appreciate the ability to see
> all the hidden markers in a Word file. It enables me to see all the
> Index markers, for example, and quickly correct inconsistencies.
> Is there any clever way of doing this in Frame? Or in a MIF file?

Check out the "expand markers" function of our IXgen plug-in for 
FrameMaker. See www.fsatools.com, the "IXgen Central" page, for a 
fully-functional demo.

IXgen also has a number of other functions useful for index marker 
creation and maintenance.

> Has anyone made my daydream a reality?

Hopefully IXgen has some of the things on your wish list, plus many 
more you might not have considered.

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