Hi Nancy,

CudSpan's MarkerWorker plug-in might help you.
It creates a list of markers which you can edit and 
then re-insert into your document. It's free.


Best regards


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> It galls me to admit this, but I really appreciate the ability to see 
> all the hidden markers in a Word file. It enables me to see all the 
> Index markers, for example, and quickly correct inconsistencies.
> Is there any clever way of doing this in Frame? Or in a MIF file?
> For example, I think a chapter of my book is skimpy on markers. I can 
> generate a List of Markers and look at the page numbers; then 
> I can go 
> to the document and look at the pages that don't have any 
> markers to see 
> if they should.
> How delightful it would be to simply page through the 
> document, noting 
> the absence of markers once all markers (or, better yet, just Index 
> markers) had been displayed?
> Has anyone made my daydream a reality?
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