I am currently working on a 600 page document. This document contains
several text insets. When I update the book, the TOC is populated with H1s
from the text insets. I understand what is happening, but not why. Since I
have the TOC set to include H1s, it is looking inside the text inset,
finding an H1, and then putting it in the TOC.  However, I did not think
text insets worked that way. My understanding is that FM ignores the
contents of a Text Inset.

I  know I could create unique paragraph tags for headings in the text inset,
which the TOC would not search for. But that would require modifying the
template which hundreds of pages of documentation relies on and importing
that paragraph style into about 20 different books.  I consider that a last
resort. Is there any other method aside from creating unique para tags, that
would prevent the inclusion of headings from a text inset in the TOC?


Joseph Lorenzini

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