Hi, Joseph:

Is there a compelling reason NOT to tag non-feature H1s with a name
like H1NonF, and extract only regular H1s for the TOC?

You can create a book file for all the non-feature documents and use
find/replace to replace all H1 with H1NonF in one pass, by:

* Make secure backups of all files involved.

* Then open and save all the files you'll be working with, so that any
changes can be reverted with File > Revert, or, from the book window,
press Shift+File > Close All Files in Book, and click No (don't save)
for each, then close the book file with no save, and start over.
Alternatively, with no book file selected, press Shift+File > Close
All Open Files, and click No for all.

* From the book window, use Shift+File > Open All Files in Book (they
open minimized), so that any changes won't be saved until you
explicitly save the changed files, or close all and reopen and try

* In a file that has non-feature H1s, with the insertion point in a H1
paragraph, create and apply the H1NonF paragraph format.

* Use Edit > Copy Special > Paragraph Format to place the H1NonF on
the clilpboard.

* Use Edit > Find > Paragraph Tag > H1; whole word only (to avoid
picking up H1something) to find a H1 paragraph. Choose by Pasting from
the Replace pop-up menu.

* Click Replace, then Find Next.

Do a few like this to verify that it works the way you want. When
you're satisfied, select Document or Book and click Replace All. The
"Not Undoable" message is correct, but I've outlined the
open-all-files / close-all-files-without-saving method above to
revert, if necessary.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

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