I've started playing with the FM9 trial, and I've noticed a change. Files 
load much more slowly for me. It's due to FM9 loading all graphics before it 
presents the first page. Previous FM versions presented the first page, and 
only loaded graphics for other pages if I actually scrolled to a page that 
had them. My files are graphically rich. So a file that used to take six 
seconds to load, now takes 47.

Though loading of the file is very slow, paging through the file is now 
instantaneous. In previous FM versions, loading of the file was fast and 
paging (the first time) was slower, as graphics were loaded for that page. 
Now, file loading is slow and paging fast.

I don't page through the file that much, so I prefer the old behavior. Does 
anyone know if there is a toggle for it somewhere?

Mike Wickham

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