Interesting, and does anyone know if there is an option to display low  
resolution images onscreen a la InDesign instead of high?


On 23/01/2009, at 8:50 AM, Mike Wickham wrote:

> I've started playing with the FM9 trial, and I've noticed a change.  
> Files
> load much more slowly for me. It's due to FM9 loading all graphics  
> before it
> presents the first page. Previous FM versions presented the first  
> page, and
> only loaded graphics for other pages if I actually scrolled to a  
> page that
> had them. My files are graphically rich. So a file that used to take  
> six
> seconds to load, now takes 47.
> Though loading of the file is very slow, paging through the file is  
> now
> instantaneous. In previous FM versions, loading of the file was fast  
> and
> paging (the first time) was slower, as graphics were loaded for that  
> page.
> Now, file loading is slow and paging fast.
> I don't page through the file that much, so I prefer the old  
> behavior. Does
> anyone know if there is a toggle for it somewhere?

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