I believe the default behavior, when searching a book, is to restart from
the front of the current chapter when a search is interrupted. I assume it's
part of the program's Find algorithm, but it's never bothered me enough to
find out.

* If you use ixGen to open all the markers in the regular text stream, you
can do a simple search-and-replace for text without going down the detour
into the Markers dialog  box.


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On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 8:28 AM, Nancy Allison <maker at verizon.net> wrote:

> Hi, everyone. I thought some more detail would be helpful. Here's what's
> currently happening:
> --I am searching for Markers of Type: Index.
> --I've selected "Book" selected as the thing I want to search (in the
> Find/Change dialog box).
> --I've opened all the chapters of the book (they're minimized at the
> bottom of the Frame workspace), and I began my search from the Book
> window, if that makes any difference.
> --Since the first marker is in Chapter 1, that chapter opens to full
> size when the search finds the first marker.
> --I have the Markers window open so I can see the text of each marker.
> --As I cycle through the document looking at the markers, I sometimes
> edit existing markers, or I put the cursor in the text and insert new
> markers. Then I go back to searching from that point.
> --When Find/Change has located the last marker in the chapter, and I
> click Find again,  the search returns to page 1 of the same file instead
> of moving to the next file in the book. (And there ARE markers in all
> chapters, so it should open Chapter 2 instead of cycling again through
> Chapter 1).
> This is happening with a search for markers, but I have observed this
> behavior repeatedly in all kinds of searches. I see the same results
> coming up, in the same order, a second time; once the search has
> finished the second cycle, it goes on to the next file in the book.
> Surely other people experience this; it's seemed to be a Frame constant
> for years. If it's just me, what the heck am I doing to make this
> happen?
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at  5:13 PM, Lief Erickson wrote:
> > My experience is that if you leave the Find dialog box to edit
> something, FrameMaker knows this and starts its search over from the
> last location of the cursor in the flow until it has circled through the
> file back to the cursor spot. If you don't jump from the Find dialog
> into the document, FrameMaker only goes through the file once. I know of
> no way to have it stop once it reaches the end of the file without
> circling back through if I've made a change in the document that wasn't
> using the Find dialog.
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