Here's my stab at it:

FrameMaker probably looks at the "modified" time stamp when it hits the
EOF character. Then, if it detects that the modified time stamp and the
"saved" time stamp are different from each other, it makes another pass
at the file. To test this, I performed a Find without changing anything
in the file. The Find sequenced through the files from my starting
point, searching each file only once. Next, I repeated the Find with a
Replace. I Replaced only one of the instances of the Find returning a
hit, and I did this without leaving the Find dialog window. I merely
used the Replace button.

To conclude, the resulting action of modifying a file is the same
regardless if you exist the Find dialog and make the change via the
keyboard or with a mouse gesture, or if you make the change in the Find
dialog...regards, Kelly.

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Hi, everyone. I thought some more detail would be helpful. Here's what's

currently happening:

--I am searching for Markers of Type: Index.

--I've selected "Book" selected as the thing I want to search (in the 
Find/Change dialog box).

--I've opened all the chapters of the book (they're minimized at the 
bottom of the Frame workspace), and I began my search from the Book 
window, if that makes any difference.

--Since the first marker is in Chapter 1, that chapter opens to full 
size when the search finds the first marker.

--I have the Markers window open so I can see the text of each marker.

--As I cycle through the document looking at the markers, I sometimes 
edit existing markers, or I put the cursor in the text and insert new 
markers. Then I go back to searching from that point.

--When Find/Change has located the last marker in the chapter, and I 
click Find again,  the search returns to page 1 of the same file instead

of moving to the next file in the book. (And there ARE markers in all 
chapters, so it should open Chapter 2 instead of cycling again through 
Chapter 1).

This is happening with a search for markers, but I have observed this 
behavior repeatedly in all kinds of searches. I see the same results 
coming up, in the same order, a second time; once the search has 
finished the second cycle, it goes on to the next file in the book.

Surely other people experience this; it's seemed to be a Frame constant 
for years. If it's just me, what the heck am I doing to make this 

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at  5:13 PM, Lief Erickson wrote:

> My experience is that if you leave the Find dialog box to edit
something, FrameMaker knows this and starts its search over from the
last location of the cursor in the flow until it has circled through the
file back to the cursor spot. If you don't jump from the Find dialog
into the document, FrameMaker only goes through the file once. I know of
no way to have it stop once it reaches the end of the file without
circling back through if I've made a change in the document that wasn't
using the Find dialog.

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