Hi all,

My company is considering buying the Technical Communications Suite 2 and
Robohelp Server.  However, we have two questions about it, that I haven't
been able to find answers, too. I hope someone can help.

1. Over the long term, we want to transition our documentation into adobe
air applications. However, the last I checked the adobe air add on for
Robohelp only supported English. We need support for multiple languages,
specifically Japanese. Does anyone know if RoboHelp 8 with AIR  supports
multiple languages and if so which ones?       .

2.  How does TCS 2 work with the RoboHelp Server? Do they integrate well?
Is there support for multiple languages, including Japanese? What features
would the RoboHelp Server give us with Air and without? What would be the
benefits of having TCS 2 and Robohelp Server together?


Joseph Lorenzini

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