Trying to use FM9 reveals beside the goodies (modern interface, 
enhanced book handling, list of referenced files, variables, cross 
references, ...) also some misbehaviour becomes obvious:

The first one has already been mentioned here:
Various lists (? format by F9, variable names by CTRL+0, ...) do no 
more behave as usual: 

Having the formats ln-list-narrow and lc-list-check and want to get ln, 
i must type l, then arrow-down. Typing ln applies the format n1-
Up to FM-8 we entered l, n, enter. The enter must now be avoided like 
hell, if the item is the only one in the list starting with that 

This was not a special feature of FM-8 and beyond, but is common 
behaviour in Windows. In an Open dialog, entering abc opens the list of 
files: first all beginning with a, then beginning with ab, then with 
abc - which is _very_ vonvenient (well, this might be to an option in 
the UI, but on my XP it works this way).

The second one is a tough experience:
Backspace has become a nightmare on my 3MHz machine with 4GB of RAM. I 
can not correct input in the usual manner, because i have typed to many 
times until the program reacts! Do I need to switch off UNDO (which is 
not possible)? I have already switched off "show warnings while 
cleaning history", "Checkout HTTP...", "Upload HTTP..." in preferences.

Also the arrow keys - used for example, to extend a selection - a-r-e-v-
e-r-y-s-l-o-w! This is NOT an issue of my machine - no other program 
has this behaviour.

A third great annoyance:
The new buttons are gray in normal state and coloured if hovered over. 
Since we are now working with larger screens (i have a 24" + a 22" side 
by side) easy recognition of items on this real estate is key for 
speedy work.

A reason for my displeasure:
FrameMaker users are keyboard-people, while CS (creative) users in the 
graphic area are mouse oriented. For graphic work this is also the case 
with me. But authoring text is typing and applying formats by short 

With the large screens FM9 now supports it is slowing down my work 
significantly to take the mouse for such operations, even with a tablet 
which gives more instant access to remote locations on a screen.

Althoug I like most of the new things - the feeling under my fingertips 
is bad.

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