FrameMaker already does have an "outline" view, but you need to be using
structured FrameMaker to get it. In unstructured FrameMaker, there is
absolutely no difference between a Heading1 and a Heading2, or a
Heading2 and a Note. You may have it all organized in your mind, but
FrameMaker knows nothing about that. It's all just a bunch of different
paragraph formats with different fonts and colors. To turn that into an
outline, you need to define the relationships between one paragraph and
other, in a way that FrameMaker can understand. That's basically what
structured FrameMaker is all about. Once you do that, and you've spent
some time working in FrameMaker's Structure View window, you'll never
want to go back.

Hope that helps,


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Framer Folks:

As I develop my personally written book in FrameMaker 7.2, especially
I have learned to create hot key macros in the customization files,
there is
only one thing about MS Word that I miss - Outline View.

The ability to reduce the book to an outline and manipulate that outline
most convenient, and good old solid FrameMaker offers nothing like that,
except the ability to change chapter positions within a book.

Has anybody ever written a 3rd party program that offers something akin
Outline View? Would be nice.

~ Don Spencer

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