I am currently using?FM 7.0?and Windows XP Pro operating system.

I am having a problem with setting up?documents for offset printing for one of 
my clients. My responsibility?is to set up?the document in Frame and prepare 
PDF files with separations (using Distiller) for printing. I then turn?these 
over to a graphics house local to the client who coordinates the printing. The 
documents are grayscale with one spot color.

Over the past several years,?we have?done 5 or 6 major documents and have had a 
problem with RGB color in each one.?A printing house?sees us coming and tries 
to go into a hiding because?the original was?a?FM document. The graphics house 
wants me to use?InDesign, but the client and I have agreed that that software 
is not suitable for the pages?upon pages?of tables that?make up?each document.

We are?currently finishing up another catalog (document) and have sent sample 
pages to the graphics house. The response?is that?the FM sample?pages?have "RGB 
channels" and are not suitable for offset printing. The graphics house has now 
recommended that we use PhotoShop to set up?a gray-scale channel for the spot 
color and?import?the gray-scale document into FM.?The client does not want 
this, but wants a gray-scale document with the spot color?inserted so he can 
send out individual pages to customers. He dislikes the prospect of having two 
documents: one with gray-scale?text and gray-scale art and one with 
gray-scale?text and?spot color art. Therein lies my dilemna.

My questions are these:
- Is there a workaround, plug-in, or something that will enable me to get rid 
of the "RGB channels" and still allow me to use the spot color in Frame?
-?Would FM9 or the?new FM Graphics Suite?solve the RGB/spot color problem?

I am really confused about this issue, but I must resolve it. It is 
particularly frustrating because I don't have the problem with any other client.

Howard Rauch

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