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>I'm pretty certain FM9 still doesn't support right-to-left languages,
>but before giving someone a definitive answer, I thought I'd
>double-check with the list.

That's correct -- no news with respect to right-to-left languages in FM9.

With all versions of FrameMaker/Windows, you can add some isolated strings 
in Hebrew/Arabic (but without correlation between cursor location/selected 
text and the "real" insertion point).

>I know this is a frequently-requested feature, and now that the code
>base has been rewritten and Unicode is supported, it should be possible
>-- albeit still difficult -- to implement it. Anyone have any special
>insight (or well-grounded speculation) on when or if this might happen?

My speculation is that support for right-to-left languages does not seem 
likely, despite the implementation of Unicode in FM.

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