Kelly McDaniel wrote:
> Folks,
> I have a chapter in a book that starts with page 1 but the TOC shows the
> first page as page 7. (The link goes to page 1 content. It's just that
> the TOC is not numbering the pages the way I tell it to number them.)
> I have reset Page Numbering several times, including changing it on the
> offending chapter to Roman, to Continue Numbering From Previous and
> back. No joy.
> I moved the offending chapter to another order in the book, below a
> chapter with 28 pages (Thinking that the TOC might read page 1 as page
> 35...  7 + 28=35). No joy. 
> I imported Reference pages and Master pages from known good files. No
> joy.
> I did the same with the TOC. No joy.
> As a workaround, I numbered the chapter to begin with -5 (negative five)
> and it worked. The chapter begins with page 1, and the TOC reflects page
> 1.
> I'm stumped. Any ideas?...thanks, Kelly.


I don't know how you are "telling the TOC" to number pages -- it has no 
role in that process.

In individual files, you set the numbering properties in the file.  When 
dealing with a book however, you must set the numbering properties for 
the files from within the book window.  Those settings will override 
whatever is set in the files themselves.  (Unless, in the book window, 
you set the numbering to Read from File, which sounds like the culprit 

1.  In the book window, select the first chapter and set Format > 
Document > Numbering to start at 1.

2.  Select all the following chapters and set them to Continue Numbering 
from Previous Page in Book.

3.  Save the book file and then update the book, generating your TOC.


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