Esteemed colleagues,

I am using FrameMaker 8 on a machine running Windows XP Professional.

I have a manual with six chapters and consecutive page numbers (1 through 68). 
I want the tables and figures to be numbered consecutively as well throughout 
the book (Figures 1 through 15...Tables 1 through 9, for example).

However, I cannot get the numbering to bridge all the chapter breaks. It works 
across some chapters, but not others. The manual is really deficient in this 
area. I have looked for a counter reset at the beginning of the offending 
chapters but I haven't found it. 

If someone out there can suggest a course of action, or point me to a good 
explanation, I would appreciate that. Thanks in advance.

Tom Scalise

Manager, Information Development

Cross Match Technologies, Inc


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