Thomas Scalise wrote: 

> I have a manual with six chapters and consecutive page numbers (1
> 68). I want the tables and figures to be numbered consecutively as
> throughout the book (Figures 1 through 15...Tables 1 through 9, for
> example).
> However, I cannot get the numbering to bridge all the chapter breaks.
> works across some chapters, but not others. The manual is really
> in this area. I have looked for a counter reset at the beginning of
> offending chapters but I haven't found it.

The most likely reason is that the numbering properties at the book
level aren't set right for the offending chapters. Do this: 

1) In the book window, select all the chapters after the first. 
2) Select Format > Document > Numbering. 
3) In the Numbering Properties dialog, select the Paragraph tab. 
4) Select Continue Numbering from Previous Paragraph in Book and click
5) Update/generate the book. 

That should fix it. If it doesn't, there could be problems with the
autonumber formats themselves, or with certain paragraphs (like the
chapter title) resetting numbering, so get back to us. 


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