An easier way to do this may be to create a 1-row, two-cell table. The
left cell holds a unique tag that only calls the graphic on the
reference page with Frame Above or Below. The right cell holds the
warning/note/whatever text.

The table will let you adjust more finely because now you have cell
margins and spaces to use to adjust the graphic's position.


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On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Larry Kovner<larry at> wrote:
> Hi:
> I am developing templates for a client. ?They asked me to create four tags 
> named Notes, Caution, Warning, Tip.
> They want colored borders above and below each tags and a gif file to appear 
> (to the left) when text is selected and changed to one of these tags.
> I created four graphic frames with the colored borders (calling them 
> Note-Top, Note-Bottom, Tip-Top, Tip-Bottom and so on) in the Reference page 
> of the chapter tempate. ?In Paragraph Designer, when I select
> Frame Above Pgf and Below Pgf for each of the four tags, the colored border 
> works the way I need it to.
> For the small gif images associated with each of the note tags, ?I imported 
> the graphic into an anchored frame within the graphic frame. ?It works. ?The 
> problem is I am unable to customize the spacing around this image so that is 
> is parallel with the text. when applying the tag to text, the image is too 
> high above the text, which creates too much space.
> I've tried everything and cannot adjust it to the space requirements I need. 
> ?Another other option is to insert an anchor by the note and manually add the 
> graphic, that works, but it's not what they are expecting.
> Looking for some advice.
> Thanks,
> Larry
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