I've used Art's approach of a graphic in the left cell of a 1-line, 2-cell 
as well. If you need to sell it, mention that it offers a couple of advantages 
over a paragraph format-based approach, to wit: you carry a lot fewer tags in 
the p-tag menu, which is a plus for usability (you can use one standard 
paragraph format for all these callouts, or even adopt one from your table or 
body paragraph formats) and you get to have full paragraph breaks in your 
Note/Tip/Warning/Caution cells, in case you need to get verbose. It's no more 
work than using a paragraph to do the job, and in my opinion looks and works 

If you are stuck with the paragraph-based approach, I would recommend you 
manipulate the graphic. It sounds to me as if you may have some excess white 
space around the graphics. Careful pruning of the original graphic in a photo 
manipulation program (use GIMP if you can't afford Photoshop) may yield 


Art Campbell wrote:
> An easier way to do this may be to create a 1-row, two-cell table. The left
> cell holds a unique tag that only calls the graphic on the reference page
> with Frame Above or Below. The right cell holds the warning/note/whatever
> text.
> The table will let you adjust more finely because now you have cell margins
> and spaces to use to adjust the graphic's position.
> Art

> On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 12:01 PM, Larry Kovner<larry at> wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I am developing templates for a client.  They asked me to create four tags
>> named Notes, Caution, Warning, Tip.
>> They want colored borders above and below each tags and a gif file to
>> appear (to the left) when text is selected and changed to one of these
>> tags.
>> I created four graphic frames with the colored borders (calling them
>> Note-Top, Note-Bottom, Tip-Top, Tip-Bottom and so on) in the Reference page
>> of the chapter tempate.  In Paragraph Designer, when I select Frame Above
>> Pgf and Below Pgf for each of the four tags, the colored border works the
>> way I need it to.
>> For the small gif images associated with each of the note tags,  I imported
>> the graphic into an anchored frame within the graphic frame.  It works.
>> The problem is I am unable to customize the spacing around this image so
>> that is is parallel with the text. when applying the tag to text, the image
>> is too high above the text, which creates too much space.
>> I've tried everything and cannot adjust it to the space requirements I
>> need.  Another other option is to insert an anchor by the note and manually
>> add the graphic, that works, but it's not what they are expecting.
>> Looking for some advice.
>> Thanks, Larry _______________________________________________

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