Nihongo is Japanese in Japanese.

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Thank you! That's it. My machine and another coworker's have Nihongo in the 
list of languages and the other coworkers' Frame software doesn't have that 
particular language among all the ones listed. The culprit was a stray 2-point 
paragraph that came in from the author's Microsoft Word file that had Nihongo 
selected as the language. We didn't notice the blank paragraph since it was so 
tiny. We have had that happen before with text from Word, where the tiny 
paragraph is not noticeable until it causes some problem, usually with a keep 
with next setting.

That explains why we had not run across that error message before: Our 
computers have a long list of languages in our dictionaries, but that specific, 
oddball Nihongo language was the one that two of our people DIDN'T have and the 
other two of us DID.

Thank you to everyone who replied so quickly!


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You will get this message if Frame was installed without the additional
dictionaries. It looks like on your machine you have the additional
dictionaries. Your co-worker did not have the additional dictionaries loaded
on their machine. You can reinstall Frame and only pick additional
dictionaries be installed.

I use to run into this all the time when I worked for AT&T/Lucent's
translation department and someone else would install the software and
forget to add the additional dictionaries. Adding the additional
dictionaries does not change the way that FrameMaker works but you will not
get this message if someone creates a file on a machine with the additional
dictionaries installed.



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Dear Framers

We are stumped. One of the people in our department has just started
getting a message when trying to open certain files that the file uses
unavailable languages and do we want Frame to update the file to open
it. We have never gotten a message like this before. I understand the
concept of the language setting in the paragraph designer, where you can
set it to some language other than US English (which is what we use) to
prevent spell checking. My first thought was that some paragraph tag in
the file had inadvertently had the language setting changed. The only
problem is, the file opens fine on MY computer with no problem and no
language message. So, the problem is with my coworker's computer (she
can open some other book files just fine-some will open with no problems
and others will open with the language message). She tried quitting out
of Frame and restarting the computer. Still got the language message on
certain files.

We use Windows XP, FrameMaker 7.0.

Any ideas on why her computer is glitching and mine isn't when opening
the same files? And why her computer problems aren't manifested on ALL
our Frame files?

Wendy McGovern
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