Garnier Garnier wrote:
> Hello Listers,
> I am about to explore DocBook. I am sure some of the listers must be using it 
> or have used it in the past. Could you please share your experience? Went 
> through some of the details over the net and it seems a good tool to switch 
> to but involves a very deep learning curve. Is there any plug-in available to 
> make things easier? I need to know this as some of the writers are not keen 
> to learn XML and would rather click buttons that would take care of what they 
> want to generate. The company will definitely not invest in training nor am I 
> aware of any institute/entity in India that imparts training in DocBook.
> When I start exploring I will definitely join the DocBook user forum. Am 
> writing to this list as I need some firsthand information about the tool.
> Any kind of related information is welcome.
> B/R
> Garnier

Two or three years ago, I created huge EDDs for DocBook 4.12, 4.5, and 
5. Of the three DB 5 is a little incomplete because a few items were 
missing in the DTD file that the DocBook people assembled. Still, a 
helluva lot could be done with the almost-intact DB 5. [I read somewhere 
in the minutes of a meeting several months ago that the editor involved 
with DB 5 might complete that DTD...]

But with the advent of DB 5, the DTD version is nonnormative.


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