I have used DocBook for many years. As a structure model, DocBook is robust
and met all our needs for documenting heavy equipment in 24 languages. It is
well developed and well supported. 

Given the development work is done up front, some people learn quickly while
others struggle. On the development side, successful implementation requires
a substantial understanding of XML. Then, there is the content modeling to
determine the elements needed and the best use of attributes. Frame has it's
own approach to handling DocBook, but it's quite workable. 

Everything is based on having a sound content strategy and development
support. DocBook is not magic. Humans must configure the model for optimal
results. I have avoided customizing DocBook as new releases provide fixes
and useful enhancements. 

Some training is essential for writers to become efficient. Technology needs
to provide real benefits for authors and not get in the way of their work.
If your team is not willing to learn a new technology today, what would
entice them to learn tomorrow?

Keep me posted on your progress!

Mollye Barrett
ClearPath, LLC
content management solutions
414-331-1378 (cell)

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Hello Listers,
I am about to explore DocBook. I am sure some of the listers must be using
it or have used it in the past. Could you please share your experience? Went
through some of the details over the net and it seems a good tool to switch
to but involves a very deep learning curve. Is there any plug-in available
to make things easier? I need to know this as some of the writers are not
keen to learn XML and would rather click buttons that would take care of
what they want to generate. The company will definitely not invest in
training nor am I aware of any institute/entity in India that imparts
training in DocBook.
When I start exploring I will definitely join the DocBook user forum. Am
writing to this list as I need some firsthand information about the tool.
Any kind of related information is welcome.

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