Dear all,

In my experiments to change the dull gray toolbar buttons to colour I 
have noticed a very strange side effect:

- To get the buttons coloured, in the xml files of the toolbars I have 
exchanged the
  names of the icons.
- I have also introduced acomment in <!-- xxx --> to mention this fact

Things work fine (see - not yet 
'released'), but the two utilities Character Palette and Hex Input are 
not executing any more. Clicking on the menu item does nothing.

Even removing everything from %appdata%\Adobe\FrameMaker\9 to force FM-
9 to copy the original settings from $HOME$ does not cure the 

Of course, when deactivating, uninstalling, re-installing and 
activating FM-9 everything works fine again.

Is %APPDATA%\Adobe\FrameMaker\9 a folder watched from outer space ?

Any ideas are welcome
Klaus Daube

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