Dear all,

On  24 Jul 2009 I reported about the following effect:

> After working on toolbars, the utilities Character Palette and Hex Input
> are not executing any more. Clicking on the menu item does nothing.

By chance I have found the reason for this behaviour when I noticed 
that everything worked correctly when starting FM-9 from a shortcut and 
the problem occurs when starting FM-9 from my launch bar RipBar.

It turns out that the effect appears only, if FM-9 is invoked with DOS-
names like H:\Adobe\FRAMEM~1.9EN\FRAMEM~1.EXE. Everything works fine 
when using long Windows names (H:\Adobe\framemaker.9en\FrameMaker.exe).

It seems that the utilities are called from the main program with a 
special mechanism where this difference counts.

Don't ask me how I got the DOS names, but I have noticed that even 
standard Windows shortcuts may get these.

Klaus Daube

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