I'm using FrameMaker 7.2 and Adobe Acrobat 6.0. The last batch of
manuals that I produced on the build machine had different security
settings from the ones I normally use, and I'm not quite sure why. I
have been working on the build machine to produce some PDF files from
Word, but didn't deliberately change any security settings. The
FrameMaker-to-PDF production is handled by Python scripts and invokes
the FDK, but there's been no changes to the scripts. I've used these
scripts repeatedly without affecting the security settings.

On my computer, I've noticed that if I generate a PDF from say, Visio,
and I remove the security, then I have to set it again when I'm saving a
FrameMaker file to PDF. However, I'm pretty sure that no one else was
generating PDFs on the build machine in the two-week period during which
those security settings changed. Also, since I ran the books from
scripts, I didn't have any opportunity to change the security settings
through any dialogue box.

We recently had to do a repair on the Adobe PDF print driver on the
build machine. Would that have had an effect on the security setting?

If we can't find the source of the change, does anyone have any
suggestions as to how we can make sure we have the right security
settings when we produce the manuals on the build machine using the
scripts? We have Timesavers, in case that will help.

Fei Min

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