I edit a huge spec with multiple authors (mostly engineers) at multiple
companies (spec is vendor-neutral). Currently there are well are over
two hundred Frame files (plus other file types) in the several Frame
books that make up the spec-and that's just the current version. I work
on multiple versions as we develop it, test it, and submit it for ANSI
and ISO acceptance. Some companies and individuals are having to convert
to FrameMaker 9, but as a group we are still using Frame 7.2

QU: Is there a plug-in (or other approach) for saving FrameMaker 9 files
as FrameMaker 7 files? I don't have Frame 9 yet but understand that it
doesn't give this option, although Frame 8 did.

Currently we are using FrameMaker 7.2 for all spec work (without SP-3 so
we can include Visio diagrams by reference), and we don't want to change
yet (various reasons).  If this has already been discussed, I must have
missed it.


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