Corcoran, Susan wrote: 

> The second problem I saw occurred when printing a book.  I can use PDF
> Setup to set my bookmarks, but I cannot save them.  I click the Set
> button, then make my print.  The next time I open the Print Book
> my bookmark settings are gone and they're back to their defaults.  So
> every time I make a print, I have to set my pdf bookmarks.  Sigh.

So this is the behavior when you select File > Print Book and then click
PDF Setup? Try setting up bookmarks via (from the book window) Format >
Document > PDF Setup. I think they may have decoupled the two methods of
reaching PDF Setup. 

That would be a departure from previous versions, but one could argue
that it makes sense to treat setup changes made at the moment of
printing as ad hoc. If I'm right, then the setup changes made via Format
> Document should stick (and should be what the setup defaults to when
you subsequently go the File > Print Book > PDF Setup route. 

I don't have FM 9, so I can't test this myself. 


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